NHS Funding – An Extra £2 Billion For Scotland

Scotland is to get a £2 billion funding boost from the UK Government, as a result of more cash going to the NHS in England.

Public services in Scotland are to get a £2 billion funding boost from the UK Government. The cash windfall follows the Prime Minister’s announcement today that, in the NHS’s 70th year, she is investing an extra £20 billion a year in health services in England (by 2023-24, compared to today).

The announcement means the Scottish Government will receive additional Barnett funding worth £2 billion a year in real terms by 2023/24. It will be up to Holyrood how this money is used, but the Scottish Secretary has urged Scottish ministers to invest the windfall in the NHS in Scotland.

David Mundell said:

As a result of the Prime Minister’s significant new investment in the NHS, Scotland will get a £2 billion funding boost from the UK Government by 2023-24. In the NHS’s 70th year, I urge the Scottish Government to invest this extra money in improving health services in Scotland. Our NHS is hugely valued by people in Scotland, but we have seen services under severe strain in recent years. This additional UK Government investment in Scotland has the potential to make a real difference for people in Scotland.

The extra funding announced today comes on top of changes to visas to allow the NHS to recruit more doctors and nurses from overseas.