New cancer centre will take care ‘to another level’

The initial plans for a new cancer centre that will service the whole of the north of Cumbria have been unveiled.

Carlisle MP John Stevenson recently viewed the plans for the new centre which will be based at the Cumberland Infirmary. It will replace the current tower block building – which will be demolished.

John Stevenson MP said: “This is excellent news, £30m investment to improve cancer care across the region shows the confidence in this hospital. I know that we already have good care here but this will take it to another level.”

The service will include outpatient clinics, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, a Supportive Therapies Unit, management and administration and clerical services associated with these oncology services.

John added: “We are all touched by cancer in some way either personally or through someone we know so this is a really important investment for the communities it will serve. I think this will also be an important morale boost for staff. I’m very pleased, this is a very positive endorsement for the Trust.”

Suzanne Stanley, Radiotherapy services manager said: “We are very excited about these new plans. They have been developed with our current staff and as we progress we will be looking to patients groups and others to help us get the look and the feel of the new centre right.

“We are hoping that the demolition of the current building will be completed by the end of this year and at the moment we hope to be fully operational by 2021.”

The Trust are also investing in cancer services in the west of the county. As part of the West Cumberland Hospital redevelopment plans, there is extra investment into the Oncology services and a modernisation of the Chemotherapy department.

The plans will be on display this Saturday in Carlisle city centre as part of the NHS 70 birthday event.