Final report on GP partnerships published

The report led by Dr Nigel Watson gives recommendations to revitalise the GP partnership business model and ensure a sustainable future for general practice in England.

You can read the final recommendations from the independent GP partnership review here.

Dr Watson sets out recommendations:

  • reducing the personal risk and unlimited liability currently associated with GP partnerships
  • the need for a wider range and capacity of healthcare professionals available for services in the community, embedded as part of general practice
  • increased funding for GP training places and a more specialised focus in medical training on general practice as a positive career choice

The review, which began in May 2018, received written feedback from over 120 individuals and organisations.

As part of his research, Dr Watson visited over 25 GP practices around the country, ranging from those that were experiencing challenges with recruitment and retention, to those that had developed innovative solutions to issues they faced.

The government will respond to the recommendations.

Dr Nigel Watson said:

“General practice remains the fundamental building block of the NHS and essential for the health and wellbeing of the rest of the NHS.”

“It is clear to me having talked to many GPs and others who work in general practice and also visited many parts of the country that there remains huge potential in terms of delivering high quality care based in the community delivered close to people’s homes.”

“To unleash this potential, general practice needs to see a secure future which is associated with an expanded workforce, less personal financial risk and the working day being more manageable.”

“The recommendations today I hope will not only be accepted by government and supported by the profession but make a real difference with more resources going to the delivery of care on the frontline.”