Royal College of Physicians appoints new clinical director for digital health

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has appointed Dr Wajid Hussain as its new clinical director for digital health.

Dr Hussain is a consultant cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist at the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust. He is currently the associate chief clinical information officer for the Trust and represents clinicians’ views on its IT committee, helping to deliver the Trust’s digital transformation programme.

His passion for mobilising the power of IT to improve patient care led to him becoming part of the first cohort of the NHS diploma programme in digital health, and he is now studying for a Masters in Digital Health Leadership at Imperial College.

The RCP is committed to working with NHSX and others, to deliver solutions to the technology issues clinicians face every day. As RCP’s clinical director for digital health, Dr Hussain will support and influence this important work.

Speaking on his appointment, Dr Wajid Hussain said “I have always wanted to help facilitate change and have become increasingly focussed on digital healthcare as a way of effecting that change. The role of RCP clinical director for digital health will enable me to do this on a national and international scale.”

“This is a unique role within a unique organisation, which has the ability to influence the whole healthcare system. I am hoping to be a bridge between clinicians and IT within and outside the organisation. I look forward to working closely with colleagues and stakeholders to further embed and develop this important work.”

Professor David Oliver, RCP clinical vice president at the time of Dr Hussain’s appointment, said “I am pleased to welcome Dr Wajid Hussain to the RCP. Wajid brings with him a wealth of experience from across the NHS in leading programmes to improve care for patients, together with his impressive track record of technological innovation to clinical practice. His expertise in digital health is sure to be a huge asset for the RCP’s work on matters relating to digital health.”