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Government Healthcare Budget 2020

In 2020, healthcare spending is budgeted at £162billion from the £848billion announced as total spending.

This is up from last year where the total for healthcare was budgeted at £139.3billion with the difference this year being the backdrop of COVID-19.

The government is spending more on healthcare this year than any other sector.

Below, we have broken down where the healthcare budget is being spent.


Medical services are to receive £150billion of the £162billion budgeted.

Public health services are to receive £6.4billion.

R&D health is to receive £1.4billion.

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has pledged to train 50,000 new nurses, build 40 new hospitals and deliver 50million more GP appointments.

On closer inspection. The promise to deliver more nurses includes 18,500 already registered nurses who are to be encouraged back into roles or persuaded to remain in post.

Equally, the pledge of 40 new hospitals so far includes 6 that have been promised funding to upgrade within the next 5 years.

The rest promised money to develop between 2025 and 2030.

As reported by the Metro. The Chancellor said

“I can announce over £6 billion pounds of new funding in this parliament to support the NHS. The money will deliver 50,000 more nurses, 50 million more GP appointments and work starting on 40 new hospitals, you heard that right, 40 new hospitals.”

Coronavirus Budget

The £30billion in extra spending up from last year will be partly used to combat the Coronavirus outbreak.

£12billion has been allocated to the NHS and business and workers, with the NHS receiving £5billion of this.

Money will be spent on giving statutory sick pay to all those directed to self-isolate.

Speaking to the BBC, Jeremy Corbyn said of the budget being ‘too little too late” with public services being ‘on their knees’.

With the Chancellor saying ‘We promised to back the NHS and this budget gets it done.’