WHO COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard

The World Health Organisation has launched a tracking dashboard to show countries affected by COVID-19.

The dashboard can be accessed here:

WHO Tracking Dashboard

The dashboard features a world map where the user can see numbers of infected in every country around the globe.

The numbers are displayed clearly alongside graphics.

The map is interactive with a zoom feature and also displays in large bold writing:

Total confirmed cases – 294,110 (at time of writing)

Deaths – 12,944 (at time of writing)

Countries affected – 186 (at time of writing)

You can also see ‘cases by date of report’ which is displayed in bar chart format:

Between the 10th February and the 17th February saw a massive spike in cases reported to over 15,000.

There is also a ‘cumulative cases report’ in scatter graph format and a drop-down tab which allows the user to look at individual countries.

The drop-down tab is listed by countries worst affected – China still at the top followed by Italy, Spain and Iran.