Boots ‘drive through testing’ for COVID-19

Boots UK has stated that they’re ‘working with the government to support the NHS in this time of need.’

Boards placed by Boots’ read ‘NHS COVID-19 Drive Through Testing.’

‘Wait here for instructions: keep engine running, apply handbrake, turn off radio and mobile phone.’

Boots have also stated that “At Boots UK, we have a strong and trusted heritage in supporting the healthcare of the nation, and we’ve always stepped up to support the community and the NHS.’

Boots say that the testing drive throughs are ‘specifically for NHS staff by invitation only’ with trials for the service having taken place last week in Nottingham.

Seb James, Managing Director, Boots UK and ROI, said:

“I am extremely proud that Boots is supporting COVID-19 testing for NHS workers.

“Boots has been at the heart of UK healthcare for 171 years and has always come forward to support the community in times of need.

“We will work with the NHS to recruit trained professionals – both Boots colleagues and from the wider community.

“I am sure there will be many trained healthcare clinicians and students, who will step forward to support our dedicated NHS colleagues.

“Locations are being defined but will be spread across the UK; they will not however be in Boots stores, allowing our colleagues to focus on supporting our customers and patients.”

Boots will be recruiting NHS trained professionals for the service with locations being spread across the UK.

Boots have expressed that testing stations will not be in Boots’ stores.