Epidemic in the UK “just about” slowing

Professor Neil Ferguson, an academic at Imperial College London says the epidemic may be “just about” slowing in the UK.

Professor Ferguson said that admissions to UK hospitals was slowing slightly.

As reported by The Guardian, the Professor told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that “it has not yet plateaued but the rate has slowed down.”

He also stated that “critical data” was missing; although as new testing kits are rolled out, that may change.

The trend of admission to hospitals slowing down can be seen in other European states through enacted lockdown measures.

The fear however, is that not enough people are being tested where once testing is more widescale, admission rates to hospital may see a spike.

Testing kits are expected to be rolled out widescale within days if not weeks.

Professor Ferguson has himself been self-isolating since saying he has symptoms of COVID-19.