GP COVID-19 vaccination plan revealed

NHS officials have detailed plans for general practice to contribute to a COVID-19 vaccination programme in England.

Primary Care Network’s have a deadline of 17th November to submit the GP practices that will administer the jabs in their area.

There are several potential vaccines for COVID-19 in the later stages of phase III trials, with a study published this week showing a vaccine by Pfizer and BioNTech has found to be 90% effective.

NHS officials said: “Our plans for deployment of a COVID-19 vaccine build on the tried-and-tested rollout plans for influenza vaccine, which we deploy every autumn.”

“Given the uncertainty over whether, and when, a vaccine may be approved, we are planning to be ready from any date from December with mass vaccination more likely in the New Year.”

“Two potential vaccines – from AstraZeneca and from Pfizer, are likely to be the first that could become available. The Government has secured enough of each to vaccinate those most vulnerable to COVID-19, and will set out the prioritisation of any vaccine based on advice from the JCVI. The final phase III trial results will be able to tell us if a vaccine is safe, and how effective it is at reducing an individuals.”

GP practices will receive a service fee of £12.58 per vaccination, which is said to be 25% more than the current fee for service for an influenza vaccination, at £10.06.

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