Chronic pain and mental health data research hubs to be established

Health Data Research UK and UKRI are to establish two new data hubs to focus on chronic pain and mental health.

The hub focusing on chronic pain will take a multidisciplinary approach to generate a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms, such as biological, social, psychological and economic factors that contribute to pain.

The Medical Research Council is launching a call for applications for a mental health data hub, aiming to provide evidence to help understand what is most effective at an individual, community or population level to prevent, treat and manage mental health problems and to intervene at an earlier stage. 

Over 3 years, £2 million will be made available per hub.

Colin Wilkinson, member of the HDR UK Public Advisory Board, commented: “A lot of people with pain have their stories ignored because conventional research methods don’t cope well with complicated health. However, by harnessing health data and developing tools to give us insight into people’s pain stories, we can change that.”

“Everyone is included in health data, and we can look at the complexities of health and pain together. This hub brings us closer to writing endings to people’s never-ending pain stories.”

The deadline for applications is 25 February, for further details please click here.