UK Government begins publishing daily figures on COVID-19 vaccinations

The UK Government has begun publishing daily data on the number of people receiving COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Department of Health and Social Care’s official Twitter account made the announcement yesterday and the latest detailed information can be located in the daily updated summary of the official COVID-19 disease situation dashboard, underneath the healthcare tab.

The latest overall UK COVID-19 vaccinations info can be found at the top of the page, underneath current stats on patients admitted to hospital. The most recent total update states that, by 11 January 2021, 2,286,572 people had received a first dose of any vaccine, while 314, 084 people had been given a second dose.

Official and daily UK COVID-19 vaccination updates are a welcome arrival, amid growing calls for more clarity and accountability on the numbers, and pressure on the government to achieve its targets of 2 million vaccinations a week and offering every adult a vaccine by autumn.

Unlike for hospital patient data, there is currently no option to examine the information by region or NHS trusts – but you can view the overall daily and weekly vaccination information for each of the four nations, divided by first and second dose numbers.

As per the data on 11 January, 195, 151 people in England received a cumulative first dose, with 78,005 in Northern Ireland, 163, 377 in Scotland and 86,039 in Wales. The numbers on people receiving a cumulative second dose on 11 January were 374, 613 in England, 13,949 in Northern Ireland and 79 in Wales. The data for cumulative second doses in Scotland was not available.

To keep up to date on the latest COVID-19 vaccination data, visit the government dashboard.

On Monday 11th January at 7:48PM: