Over 2 million received second dose vaccination

2,281,384 people have now received the second dose COVID-19 vaccination (22 March 2021).

The daily numbers receiving this vaccination is now between 91,977 and 125,725, continuing on an upward trend each week.

27,997,976 people have now received the first dose COVID-19 vaccination, reaching the highest daily total of 752,308 on 20 March 2021.

The latest data comes as the Department of Health and Social Care announces £47.6m in additional funding to accelerate the vaccination programme delivery.

The funding will:

  • Expand the capacity, so that the UK has a highly specialist manufacturing centre that, in a pandemic situation, can make up to 70 million doses within a six-month period.
  • Accelerate the timeline for the VMIC (Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre) to be operationally ready so it can support the national response to (coronavirus) COVID-19.

The government is also investing £8.75 million to set-up of a deployment facility at Oxford Biomedica in Oxfordshire.