RCN launches education strategy

The Royal College of Nursing has launched an education strategy aimed to provide leadership and influence across the UK health and social care workforce, supporting education, learning and development.   

The strategy sets out plans to help all nursing staff achieve their learning and career goals with the help of a new education portal and other tools.

Through the education portal, members can access career advice, guidance, events and content on a variety of topics.

It also explores the importance of different styles of education (face-to-face, blended, online, and practice-based learning) and sets out plans to expand existing accreditation and credentialing schemes.

Nichola Ashby, RCN Head of Professional Learning and Development, said: “This strategy sets out how we intend to provide education, learning and development for members at every stage of their working lives and beyond, enabling progressive career support and learning to ensure each day is seen as a learning day for every member.”

Rachel Armitage, Managing Director of RCNi, added: “This collaboration puts our organisations at the front of nursing education for many years to come.

“Today’s nursing staff and those who follow in the next decade will learn in radically different ways to their predecessors. The education we provide will have something for every nursing professional to advance their career and get on in nursing as the profession increasingly pushes new boundaries.”

To find out more please view the strategy here.