RCGP announces new President

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has announced Professor Clare Gerada will be its new President.

Professor Gerada will assume the role from the 20 November, later this year, and her term in office will run from November 2021 to November 2023.

The appointment represents a milestone for the organisation, as Professor Gerada will be the first woman for nearly 70 years – and the second in the College’s history – to hold the position of both Chair and President.

According to the RCGP, Professor Gerada ran unopposed in the election, with 84 per cent of members supporting her to become the new president of the organisation. She is also currently the longest-serving member of the College council, after being first appointed in 1998.

Alongside the new president, the RCGP also announced six new Nationally Elected Council Members to serve the organisation. Dr Susi Caesar, Dr Tajvinder Grewal, Professor Michael Holmes, Dr Uwadiae Ima-Edomwonyi, Dr Mohana Ratnapalan, and Dr Victoria Tzortziou Brown will start their terms in office in November 2021.

RCGP Chief Operating Officer and College Returning Officer, Dr Valerie Vaughan-Dick, said: “Congratulations to Clare who has a long history with the College. We look forward to working with her more closely once again. Congratulations also to our new Council members and thank you to everybody who put themselves forward.”