Florence Nightingale Foundation and HEE to provide new leadership programmes for nurses and midwives

The Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) and Health Education England (HEE) are linking up to provide health professionals in the East of England with new leadership programmes.

The two organisations have teamed up to offer development opportunities to both nurses and midwives across the region, via a selection of bespoke training programmes that focus on leadership skills.

As well as a focus on early career leadership, opportunities have been created to cater for nurses and midwives at different career stages and who come from a variety of backgrounds.

The three programmes are:

  • The Early Career Leadership Programme – for nurses and midwives who have been qualified for less than two years.
  • The Aspiring Director Leadership Programme – for nurses and midwives who are an equivalent of a Band 8a or above.
  • The BAME Leadership Programme – for nurses and midwives from ethnic minority backgrounds and who are an equivalent of a Band 5/6.

Through the trio of programmes, participants will ‘define and develop’ their own ‘unique approach to leadership’, and the courses will also prepare them to lead change and influence from within their role.

According to FNF, participants will be specifically taught ‘how to lead with a greater presence’, as well as ‘recognise their personal approach to leadership’, ‘foster a deeper understanding of their impact on others’, and explore ‘how to tackle real workplace issues’.

Professor Gemma Stacey, Director of the Florence Nightingale Foundation Academy, said: “I’m delighted to be announcing these unique leadership programmes for nurses and midwives in the East of England. This is a very exciting opportunity for nurses and midwives in the region to strengthen their leadership abilities, find their voice and grow themselves to truly be the best leaders they can be.”

“Feedback we receive from the those who have undertaken our leadership programmes speaks for itself with our alumni often crediting the courses for giving them the courage to be the successful leaders that they are today.

“Our participants find impact both professionally and personally and their passion for healthcare is often renewed after completing the programme. They develop a greater awareness of their approach to leadership and grow their confidence to take on opportunities or tackle challenges that are presented to them in their roles. I would encourage East of England nurses and midwives to seize this fantastic opportunity for professional development.”

The Early Career Leadership Programme – which includes five modules and a ‘Celebration Ceremony’ after completion – is now open to applications and closes on 14 September 2021.

Areas of focus in the course are: personality preference and performance, including an introduction to the impact of self on others through Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment and exercises; quality improvement and development of an improvement project; working with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts to develop confidence and communication skills; improving personal awareness, influence and capabilities, and development of a personal approach to leadership by exploring values, biases, blind spots, and attitude to diversity; and identifying next steps of the leadership journey.

Professor Stacey commented: “This exciting programme will enable participants to explore, define and develop their unique approach to leadership during the early stages of their careers.”

The majority of the modules are set to be delivered online in this programme, with the exception of ‘Developing Presence and Impact’ on 6 December 2021, which will require face-to-face participation. The celebration event, meanwhile, will take place on 20 April 2022.

FNF lists the potential benefits for employers of encouraging staff to complete the programme as including: staff retention; a positive and empowering impact on team working and staff engagement; ‘succession planning’ with more leaders in the pipeline; enhanced reputation as an employer.

The Aspiring Director course will also be accepting applications from 24 August 2021, while the BAME Leadership Programme will open on 31 August.

The programmes last for around six months with a blend of virtual and in-person teaching. 

More information about how to apply to leadership programmes can be found on the dedicated section of the FNF website, with the Early Career programme already open for applications.