Northamptonshire staff develop new drugs measuring tool

Pharmacists at University Hospitals of Northamptonshire NHS Group, part of Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, have developed a new drug measuring tool to keep a check on controlled drug stocks.  

The purpose-built ruler, known as ‘eezycd®,’ can be placed alongside a drugs container and used to measure the specific contents of a controlled liquid,

It was invented by Northampton General Hospital Dispensary Manager, Rosemary Griffiths, and Advanced Clinical Pharmacist, Siobhan Abrahams, with support from Kay Faulkner, the University Group’s Associate Director Research, Innovation, Education, and the Innovate UK Lean Launch Programme (LLP) ran by Queen’s University, Belfast ..

Kay Faulkner, Associate Director Research, Innovation, Education, commented: ““The eezycd® development and licensing agreement signals the start of much greater support for innovation and research across the hospital group. The Licence deal for eezyCD® is our first as a Hospital Group and signals our commitment to supporting our workforce to be clinical entrepreneurs.” 

Rosemary Griffiths, CEO of eezyCD, commented on the new solution: “For the first time, nurses could check the balance of their liquids whenever they wanted. It only took seconds and they could then cross-reference against their paperwork to identify which nurses had administered drugs, the volume given, and which patients had been administered to.

“Great Ormond Street Hospital have placed orders for eezyCD® and are among the first customers to roll out eezyCD®. 

“The innovation also has wider applications than just the hospital environment. It can be used anywhere where controlled drug use needs to be recorded including hospices, drug and alcohol centres, and specialist children’s centres.”