Nottinghamshire Healthcare FT shares new five-year strategy

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has published its new five-year strategy.  

Entitled ‘Our Strategy: Making a Difference, 2022-2027,’ the document details how the trust will support its’ workforce, improve the delivery and quality of care and embed a ‘culture of continuous improvement’ across the entirety of the organisation.  

Additionally, the 24-page document outlines Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s values and behaviours, the challenges the organisation faces over the coming years, and the health and wellbeing ‘gap’ evident amongst Nottinghamshire’s population.  

In a foreword, Dr John Brewin, Chief Executive, and Paul Devlin, Chair, said: “After what has been two very difficult and uncertain years of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are delighted to be sharing this strategy with you.  

“The pandemic has been the biggest challenge the health and care system has ever faced and continues to face. Despite this, our staff colleagues, partners and service users have told us how important it is to have certainty and clarity for the Trust’s future direction.  

“This strategy sets out our vision and objectives for the next five years. We are one of the largest community and mental health Trusts in the country, with diverse and dispersed services across not only Nottingham and Nottinghamshire but also across the East Midlands and England.” 

The document sets out the trust’s four primary aims for the strategy, which include:  

  • Our people: To ensure the trust is “diverse, inclusive and a great place to work” 
  • Our care: To provide the “best care and support”
  • Our performance: To maximise the trust’s “potential and deliver best value by efficiently using our resources”
  • Working together: To work work with the trust’s partners to “do the right thing every day”

Split into two phases, the first half of the strategy – between April 2022 and March 2024 – will focus on supporting colleagues to recuperate and enable services to recover to ‘good’ levels of quality and delivery. The second phase – between April 2024 and March 2027 – will be transformation-centred, concentrating on delivering work programmes aimed at meeting the trust’s ‘vision’ for the benefit people and communities under its’ care.  

Providing some insight into how staff at the trust can help in delivering the strategy, the document states that teams must:  

  • Add to the core behaviours of the strategy in order to understand what is expected of each other 
  • Look after their health and wellbeing, both physically and psychologically  
  • Work differently by embracing new ways of working across teams, the trust, and wider system – which is to be supported by technology  
  • Understand how individual annual objectives and appraisals contribute to the delivery of the strategy 
  • Live the trust’s values and work in a compassionate and inclusive culture 
  • Access learning and development and education opportunities that support each individual’s career 
  • Put service users at the heart of actions undertaken at the trust  

To read the document in full, please click here