Croyden University Hospital opens new stroke unit as part of £14.7m modernisation

A brand new purpose-built stroke unit has been opened at Croydon University Hospital with the intent of transforming the care and rehabilitation of stroke patients.

It marks the next stage of the £14.7 million modernisation project to update and improve the hospital’s services.

The new unit will feature a bespoke therapy room and outpatient clinic as well as the existing 26-bedded ward. Each of the six-bed bays has a wheelchair-accessible wet room, and each bed is fitted with ceiling track hoists above, to allow for increased ease and dignity of patient mobility.

The unit has an improved area for patients to spent time relating, or for family members to join them to aid in their recovery. This space includes a lounge, dining table and kitchenette. The hospital also plans to add an outdoor garden for patients and staff to use.

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust say that the new facilities will “enable doctors, nurses and therapists to provide holistic care and support under one roof.”

The new unit admitted its first patients at the end of June.

Dr Enas Lawrence, Lead Stroke Consultant, said: “This exciting new facility is an extremely important addition to our critical services here in Croydon… time is critical when a stroke strikes, so we work as part of a specialist network in London to give people the best care possible. What this new unit means is that we will be able to combine this car with the wraparound therapy and support needed to help more patients recover and regain their lives. This will also help our multidisciplinary teams to combine their skills and expertise to give people in Croydon much more coordinated support, in and out of hospital.”