Birmingham and Solihull ICB appoint new chair for maternity services

Birmingham and Solihull ICB have recently appointed Bernadette Hanney into the role of independent chair for the maternity services quality oversight and improvement group.

The role will be a key figure as the trust drives forward towards improving quality of service. It aims to allow service users to give feedback and work alongside clinicians and staff at the Local Maternity and Neonatal System (LMNS), putting forward its commitment to have the voices of women and families central to new decision-making.

Bernadette is due to begin work in November and has previously worked at the Care Quality Commission (CQC) working as a head of hospital inspection. Speaking of the experience she will bring into the role, Bernadette said: “the common theme between these roles, and I like to think for anyone working in the care professions, is to ensure the provision of safe, effective and compassionate care.”

Her priority, she explained, will be to lead listening into action and develop an engagement plan around accessibility. She wants to move the ICB into a more proactive approach, and actively reach out to women and families in the local community to understand how the trust can move to more equitable standards. She explained “We want to provide personalised care but in order to do that we need to create two-way communication with families.”

She will report to the chair of the Birmingham and Solihull local maternity and neonatal system (LMNS), Lisa Stalley-Green. Lisa explained the importance of the role for the ICB saying: “this role aims to ensure that quality is the golden thread running through the LMNS. Importantly, as an independent chair, Bernadette is able to bring objectivity to the leadership team, questioning the status quo for the benefit of the communities we serve.”