Manchester University NHS FT forms new partnership to build research and innovation

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) has launched a new strategic partnership to strengthen innovation and research with The University of Manchester and QIAGEN, a provider of sample and assay technologies for molecular diagnostics described as “a world leader in genomic medicine and molecular diagnostics”.

The collaboration was formalised earlier this year and officially launched last week. It is to provide an opportunity to grow Manchester’s influence as a health innovation and life sciences centre. In addition, the partnership will support the existing research and innovation infrastructure across Manchester, including the NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre and the NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility, both of which are hosted by. MFT and have recently been renewed for the next five years with “greatly increased” funding.

The tri-party agreement will focus on three areas of activity: predictive biomarkers for detecting cancer, integration of different diagnostic data types, and improved tests for infectious disease and understanding bodily reactions to infection.

Professor Rick Body, Honorary Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Group Director of Research and Innovation at MFT said: “Research and innovation improves the care we deliver to our patients. Ensuring that we have the new technology that’s fit-for purpose can only happen through a culture of partnering with industry.

“This framework will further streamline and accelerate our joint projects and will allow us to design and deliver research that will really make a difference in the NHS and benefit our diverse population.”

Kai te Kaat, Vice President, QIAGEN Head of Global R&D Molecular Diagnostics, said: “This partnership will not only be a valuable incubator for accelerating biomarker research but also enable an extended collaboration in other areas like infectious diseases, immune response or integrated omics.”