Greater Manchester Integrated Care shares impact of greener inhalers

NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care has shared how use of greener inhalers is helping towards the region reducing its carbon footprint.

Health Innovation Manchester, supporting the initiative, noted that “in any given month, there are over 300,000 inhalers prescribed in the city region with an environmental impact equivalent to the emissions from 28,000 cars.”

Sarah Price, Chief Officer for Population Health and Inequalities at NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care, commented: “Around 80,000 greener, dry powder inhalers are being prescribed per month in Greater Manchester. This is great news, but they still account for just 25 percent of all those in use in our city region.

“We need to do more if we are to meet our target of a net zero carbon footprint by 2038. Climate change is the single biggest threat to our planet, environment, and the people of Greater Manchester. So, it is vitally important that we take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and make healthcare more sustainable. The shift to greener inhalers is just one element of our ambitious plans for a greener NHS for Greater Manchester.”

Dr David McKelvey, a GP and Clinical Lead for Sustainability in Primary Care for NHS Greater Integrated Care, added: “Switching from a gas-propelled, to a greener, powder based inhaler can mean it is easier to use, reduces the need for a spacer and will usually have a counter, so you know how many doses you have left, which reduces waste.

“While powder based inhalers won’t be right for everyone, they can be the best up-to-date treatment for most patients.”