Q Exchange offers funding for development of healthcare improvement projects

Q, a community programme of work delivered by the Health Foundation which focuses on collaboration to improve safety and quality of healthcare, has announced the 2023 delivery of their Q Exchange programme.

Q Exchange allows Q members to submit bids for funding of up to £40k per project. Q Exchange offers an online support system, allowing members to refine and develop their ideas within a collaborative, care driven environment.

The programme is jointly funded by the Health Foundation and NHS England, with a total of £800k available across the project.

The project is centred around the concept of “[activating] the knowledge of improvement experts across the UK; to create links between those leading work and those who can help champion, support, adopt these ideas; and to boost ideas that have the best potential to generate value for the health and care system.”

One of the central aims of the programme is to facilitate new systems which will help reduce delays in access to health care services; ultimately helping to understand and improve pathways to ensure patients needs are met.

Proposals that reduce delays “sustainably and equitably” are highly encouraged. A focus on “redesigning care” to efficiently manage time and resources is a key ambition of the project as a whole, along with:

  • Empowering and engaging the workforce to work together and find new solutions to reduce wait times
  • Supporting patients throughout the process whilst improving the way in which wait-lists are managed and prioritised
  • Improving the skills and time-management of those using and accessing care systems

Q Exchange recognises that this is an opportunity for all sectors to co-design solutions together, support sharing and learning and make informed decisions about their work.

Applications will open on Tuesday 14 February 2023 for those who wish to get involved. Find out more here.