UKCRF Network receives £2.4 million towards clinical research studies

The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) has awarded the UK Clinical Research Facility Network £2.4 million to support their research projects over the next five years.

Hosted by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), the UKCRF Network works collaboratively with 54 Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs) such as the National Institute for Health and Care Research Great Ormond Street Hospital Clinical Research Centre (NIHR GOSH CRF). They also have links to experimental medicine infrastructure including key early phase for vaccine and cancer trials.

Co-directors of the NIHR GOSH Clinical Research Facility, Professor Stephen Marks and Lorraine Hodsdon, said of the funding: “We’re thrilled to see this increased funding as we know collaboration between the UK NIHR Clinical Research Facilities is key to improving the lives of our young patients, and the adults they will become. Research that begins in facilities like ours at GOSH leads to real patient impact and can improve the healthcare landscape far beyond the treatments we target.”

The network aims to grow the UK’s life sciences industry and early-stage clinical research through ongoing development, sharing and the implementation of exceptional operational practice -thus facilitating effective trial deliveries and ultimately positive patient safety and experience.

Interim Director of UKCRF Network, Paul Brown, said: “NIHR’s funding is a significant increase, which is a testament to our collaborative structure and a vote of confidence in the work to date. We look forward to expanding our teams, their remit and continuing our growth and success over the next five years.”