One Devon provides update on integrated care strategy

One Devon Partnership has shared a draft of their integrated care strategy with their local partners to provide them with the opportunity to share their views.

NHS organisations, local authorities and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay have received a copy of the draft strategy, which will set the direction for health and care services across the local area, in order to provide feedback.

In addition, One Devon has provided an update on how work continues on their Five-year Joint Forward Plan, which will lay out how the NHS intends to deliver the integrated care strategy. The ICS has “decided to expand the scope of the Joint Forward Plan, recognising that population health can only be improved by jointly implementing measures across a wide range of services outside the NHS.”

One Devon notes that the change reflects new national guidance, published in December 2022, that encourages the development of a shared delivery plan supported by the whole system.

James McInnes, Chair of One Devon Partnership, commented: “The One Devon Partnership has agreed that in our case, the Joint Forward Plan will be a shared delivery plan across health and care, and will include plans for services outside the NHS that relate to the delivery of the strategy.”

An initial version of the Five-year Joint Forward Plan is to be produced by the end of March, with a final version to be published by 30 June.