Sussex ICS launches eating disorder support service

The Spring Tide Eating Disorder Day Service has recently launched in Hove, becoming one of four pathways in the South East to offer an alternative to inpatient care.

Spring Tide is run by the Family Eating Disorder Services (SFEDS) at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and provides ongoing support for young people aged 18 and under who are already known to specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

The programme is based on the successful work carried out by South London and Maudsley’s Trust and delivers a combination of group and individual therapy sessions, meal time support for young people and their families, and wider family support. The service has been made possible by the NHS Kent and Sussex CAMHS Provider Collaborative, led by Sussex Partnership NHS Trust, with funding from NHS England.

The 14-week programme has been cultivated around school term times and offers a four-week programme over the summer holidays.

Clinical director for CAMHS and specialist services at Sussex Partnership, Dr Alison Wallis, said: “There’s has been an increase in need for eating disorder services in recent years and Spring Tide provides one way of addressing this. It’s a community day service meaning young people can get help and support for eating disorders, alongside their family, without having to go into hospital. Spring Tide will help us treat young people sooner and offer an alternative to staying overnight in hospital to receive the care they need.”