Reproductive healthcare pathway transformation from OX.DH and Monash IVF

OX.DH, a health tech start-up with links to the University of Oxford, has partnered with Australian fertility service provider Monash IVF to enable the introduction of assisted reproduction solution as part of efforts to transform their reproductive healthcare pathway.

With reproductive healthcare pathways involving multiple participants and clinicians, OX.DH notes that there is a requirement for more people to be involved in consultations, treatment and consent. By introducing portal access through the OX.DH cloud-native platform, “patients are empowered and engaged in their treatment while Monash IVF spends more of their time providing patient care and engagement rather than administrative activities.”

The digitisation and transformation of the reproductive healthcare pathway will allow patients to fill out their documentation online, manage their own appointments and access their results, thus freeing up time for Monash IVF staff to spend on patient care rather than administrative activities.

OX.DH founder and CEO John Kosobucki said: “Being cloud-native and built using Microsoft technologies it is really simple for clinics to do their work in a secure and familiar environment making best use of the investments and intellectual capital already in place. With security paramount for healthcare data, OX.DH is built on Microsoft Azure with open APIs, which is secure by design and secure by default.”

Monash IVF’s CTO Thierry Panthier described how was selected following evaluation of vendors and in-house development for its “comprehensive functionality, extensible Microsoft cloud-native architecture and experienced leadership team.”

CFO Malik Jainudeen added: “We evaluated many options and taking into account the scalability and the speed with which the solution needs to be ready, the commercial proposition offered by OX.DH was compelling. Combined with very fast cloud deployment we can start to get value from their solution much faster than any other alternative and it aligns with utilisation of Microsoft across multiple functions of our business.”