Kent and Medway agree proposals for local health-based places of safety (HBPoS) to be brought together on one site in Maidstone

NHS North West London to refresh mental health strategy

NHS North West London has announced that it will be refreshing its mental health strategy, working alongside local authorities and partners “responsible for the delivery and planning of health and social care services”.

The announcement notes that NWL will be taking a “phased approach”, which will begin with reviewing progress to date on previous strategies with a focus on adult mental health.

As part of this assessment of progress, the ICS will seek to gain an understanding of what services are working well; the treatments or services that patients or staff require which are not readily accessible; progress on reducing inequalities in access to mental health services; and the service and treatment priorities of each of NWL’s boroughs.

Work is currently being done with patient groups, according to the announcement, in order to develop the ICSs engagement approach, and the first draft of the strategy is due in September of this year, “with timelines for a further period of public engagement ahead of a final draft to be confirmed”.

In news on mental health in London, recent research from King’s College London has highlighted that exposure to air pollution is associated with increased use of mental health services amongst people with dementia.

In other mental health news, recent research from Scotland has explored the effects of discrimination on women’s health, revealing perceptions relating to unequal access, not being understood, racism and discrimination, and the need for women’s self-advocacy in seeking treatment and support.