2023 fellows for West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership’s Improving Population Health Fellowship

West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership has appointed fellows to its 2023 Improving Population Health Fellowship, with the new fellows to undertake project on four key topics: adversity, trauma and resilience; climate change; health equity; and suicide prevention.

This year, projects cover subjects designed to help “build more equitable systems”, covering “everything from trauma sensitive classrooms and reducing barriers for disabled people to perinatal mental health and sustainability in asthma care”.

The projects include exploration of a trauma-informed approach to emergency care at Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust; examining how to strengthen pathways for young people transitioning to adult mental health services; and developing training and good practice guidance for professionals working with people with functional neurological disorder.

Other topics for projects include drug and alcohol harm reduction, barriers to accessing health care services amongst Eastern European populations, and increasing equity and transparency in Asset Based Community Development health funding.

In fellowship news, the National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR) has awarded King’s College London 46 academic clinical fellowships and clinical lectureships for 2024 and 2025, in an effort to support the training of future clinical academic leaders.

To explore all of the new fellowship projects, please click here.