Integrated Health Awards 2023: digital solution of the year

Here we have the finalists in the category of digital solution of the year.

Radar Healthcare 

Overview. Radar Healthcare’s incident reporting platform helped Somerset NHS Foundation Trust centralise data and promote a culture of patient safety. 

Why? Somerset NHS Foundation Trust needed to move towards a more integrated way of working – Radar Healthcare offers them visibility over the whole organisation including patients, by linking all elements together in one centralised place.  

What happened? In 2022, Radar Healthcare’s customer base grew to 220 and expanded into additional territories like UAE. The innovative, cloud-based solution makes incident reporting simple for staff and helps to standardise processes. Using AI and machine learning, Radar Healthcare’s platform empowers partners to dig deeper into their data, spot trends and identify actionable insights.  

This comprehensive view supports accurate reporting, regulatory compliance, a culture of continuous learning and improvement, and, ultimately, high-quality care.  

Looking ahead. Somerset FT will be deploying Radar Healthcare across the whole organisation. Radar Healthcare endeavours to foster cross-collaboration through sector-wide conversations. 


Overview. Meddbase is an all-in-one healthcare platform that offers a range of features and functionalities that help to simplify operational tasks, streamline workflows and provide better patient care. 

Why? Meddbase allows healthcare professionals to devote more time to providing hands on patient care. The platform ensures the highest level of data security, privacy, and compliance with industry standards. This enables healthcare providers to share patient information with each other seamlessly, ensuring that they have the most up-to-date information necessary to make informed decisions. 

What happened? The digital solution also offers various other benefits to healthcare providers, including the ability to streamline administrative tasks, generate performance metrics, automate billing, and reduce costs. Therefore, healthcare providers can deliver better healthcare while enhancing their practice’s efficiency and effectiveness. The platform has been nominated for the integrated healthcare digital solutions of the year award due to its numerous benefits, including its seamless process for 360-degree management of healthcare businesses, powerful reporting capabilities, and numerous integrations with third-party applications.

Looking ahead. Meddbase continues to evolve and adapt to provide the best digital solutions for healthcare professionals, ensuring patient care is placed at the forefront of their work. 

Definition Health 

Overview. Definition Health offers an end-to-end digital pathway that supports patients at every step of their healthcare journey – from pre-op assessment, into the post-discharge phase when they have returned home. 

Why? Recognising the challenge of increasing surgery waiting lists – often hindered by outdated, paper heavy systems – Definition Health was established to tackle the importance of a digital future in healthcare. Through the LifeBox platform, patients can access all stages of their hospital journey from one account – creating a single source of truth for both patients and hospitals to share important information. 

What happened? Since its launch, Definition Health has implemented its solutions across 6 private sector and 22 NHS hospitals nationwide – supporting over 130,000 patients. Time saving was improved by 1.92 hours per patients, with improved patient satisfaction to 88% and 60% reduction in face-to-face appointments. Definition Health has been involved in charity work – offering remote care using LifeBox in The Gambia, where patients would have to travel over 100 miles for a consultation. 

Looking ahead. Definition health continue to introduce its salutation to NHS and independent hospitals across the UK and is looking to expand into the US market in 2023. Over the next two years, they hope to introduce AI technology into their software to offer a greater understanding of patient demographics and population health. 


Solve.Care Platform – Web3 Based Blockchain Healthcare Platform 

Overview. The Solve.Care Platform is a Web3 based blockchain healthcare platform that improves the coordination of care, benefits administration, and payments in healthcare. The Solve.Care Platform can be used to build multiple digital healthcare networks to serve different healthcare needs. Users of these Care Networks can track and manage everything by using the Care.Wallet app. 

Why? Solve.Care has created an ecosystem, not a standalone app, to address the needs of people using not only the US healthcare system, but systems across the globe. Solve.Care is a solution from the archaic payment and administration healthcare systems, redirecting those resources to deliver high quality care to communities. 

What happened? In 2018, Solve.Care launched Care.Wallet for physicians and primary care providers at Arizona Care Network (ACN). Through the wallet, ACN deliver real-time information, highlighting opportunities to improve care for every individual. Solve.Care partnered with The Diabetes Care Administration Network to support patients managing their diabetes, helping them coordinate care with their families and physicians in an easily accessible manner. 

Looking ahead. Solve.Care has developed Care.Labs – a development portal to enable the creation to digital health networks using blockchain technology. This will allow physicians and like-minded individuals to customise their own care networks and build a robust digital ecosystem for their practice, clinic or community. 


Overview. ImproveWell is a real-time feedback solution for continuous engagement and everyday innovation in health and care. The evidence-based solution makes it simple for organisations to capture continuous, real-time insight to improve staff experience and the quality of patient care.

Why? Health and care systems are under increasing pressure to deliver better care at lower cost, against a backdrop of ageing populations, funding pressures, an overstretched workforce and so on. Developed in partnership with healthcare organisations, ImproveWell’s feedback systems offer a platform for people to drive change, together. 24/7 everyone can: suggest ideas for improvement; share how their workday is going; and complete tailored pulse surveys. Insights from wider stakeholder groups can also be gathered via a customisable online portal. 

What happened? During the first year of implementation at the Burns Service, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, there have been significant improvements in the number of staff who feel they can easily share ideas (from 57% to 91%) and the number of staff who feel their ideas were listened to (from 57% to 72%). 38 teams took part in the Royal College of Psychiatrists Enjoying Work national programme, answering questions based on their experience of work in the past week. The results showed a 51% improvement in the people who enjoyed being at work more frequently. 

Looking ahead. ImproveWell will continue to work with organisations across the country to improve staff engagement and wellbeing, increasing workforce retention and facilitating better health outcomes for patients. 

Solutions 4 Health 

Ask Teddi – AI Powered 0-5 Years Support 

Overview. The Ask Teddi App offers advice and information for parents and carers of children under 5. Using artificial intelligence to tailor information to individual need, the app offers parents and carers a responsive toolkit of expert and evidence-based advice as well as giving them access to reliable resources and information around the clock.  

Why? Supporting the health, wellbeing and development of families with a child aged 0 – 5 is a strategic priority. There is a need for innovative, evidence-based interventions to support parent knowledge, confidence and healthy behaviour.

What happened? A positive impact upon infant feeding was seen with parents attributing the app to helping them feel more knowledgeable and confident about breastfeeding. 63% professionals rated the Ask Teddi app overall as a good resource for parents/families.  The Ask Teddi app was viewed as informative, supportive and non-judgemental. It helped parents feel more knowledgeable and confident about caring for their child. The app was also viewed as inclusive of all parents and backgrounds.  

Looking ahead. Ask Teddi will continue to refine and develop its software to suit the needs of parents and families throughout the UK. 


Overview. Cassius is a digitally-enabled care service rolled out to Suffolk residents who require adult social care. Its data-led model supports older or vulnerable people to live more connected, safe and sustainable lives in their own homes, giving them more choice and autonomy while reducing pressure on stretched public services.

Why? At the heart of the service is the user; Cassius was created to create a ‘doing with’ rather than ‘doing to’ care model, so it was designed, tested, reworked and tested again in partnership with Alcove -experts in intuitive tech solutions. The result is a menu of 26 products available to social care practitioners making referrals for Suffolk people. The Cassius smartwatch operates as a standard wristwatch, with a digital or analogue display, but also has a call-for-help function linked to a central monitoring hub, location tracking for carers and approved friends and family via an inbuilt SIM in case the wearer gets lost, and a geofencing function alerting carers if the user Is prone to wandering. 

What happened? In practice this meant over 50 hours of training, feedback and discussion sessions with front-line professionals whose engagement and personal investment has been essential to Cassius’s success. As well as sharing the vision and strategies of Cassius, Rethink Partners engaged with feelings and perceptions to address their awareness, confidence and skills around digital technologies. This resulted in an engaged, enthused workforce ready to advocate for, recommend and implement personalised digital care plans with understanding and confidence.  

Looking ahead. User experience continues to inform the way Cassius is evolving, informing more personalised care that delivers essential support and safety while enabling the kind of dignity and continuity of care that users value while minimising needless disruption to their day.