Leading Healthcare Awards 2022: SME of the Year

It’s that time of year again where we unveil the finalists of the Leading Healthcare Awards 2022. Here, we highlight to our readers some of the most inspiring work from across the health and care sector.

Ultimately, it’s up to our expert panel of judges from in and around the world of health and care to decide the deserving winner – who will be announced at our Leading Healthcare awards evening at 7pm on April 7 2022.

Read about out about the inspiring work and innovations from our submissions down below…

Dakota Integrated Solutions Ltd

Our first entry into the SME of the year category is from Dakota Integrated Solutions Ltd for their creation of Dakota Daily Wristbands, which helped ‘Keep the NHS Running During Covid-19 Pandemic.’ 

When the ‘stay at home’ strategy was initiated during the national lockdown in March 2020, Dakota Integrated Solutions Ltd, which specialises in healthcare applications including bedside point of care, positive patient identification, track and trace, asset tagging and inventory control, brought in a skeleton staff in order to maintain its supply of wristbands to the NHS in their hour of need.  

The SME stocked large amounts of Zebra wristbands so that the technology could be delivered to NHS facilities all around the country. 

Overall, Dakota has supplied almost 30 million wristbands to the NHS during the past 24 months. 

The entry statement said: “Dakota was determined to support the NHS in any way that it could during this extraordinary and unusual situation. By bringing back a few members of the team as well as employing temporary staff in order to cope with the huge number of wristband deliveries and shipments, the team at Dakota was able to maintain its support of the NHS by processing all orders and continuing its wristband consignments when they were needed the most. 

“Hospitals were becoming overwhelmed, and Dakota wanted to ensure that hospital workers, staff and clinicians had everything they needed at all times in order to cope with the vast influx of patients. Shipments were leaving the warehouse on a daily basis and Dakota made sure that there was always someone on hand to handle these – they never missed a day.  
“The team was extremely grateful that Brian agreed to postpone his retirement to assist with their efforts and the Management Team at Dakota is extremely proud of how its staff pulled together in order to do their part to support the NHS during the pandemic and will continue to do so in the future.” 

Redmoor Health Ltd

Our second entry into the SME of the year category is from Redmoor Health Ltd for supporting front line health and care professionals get the best use out of technology through their coaching and training programme. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the SME’s health team has been at the ‘forefront’ of supporting NHS and social care staff in managing ‘the switch to home working, find innovative solutions to support their patients and develop new digital products/services’. 

Redmoor Health’s digital team has also been ‘transforming’ primary care for both staff and patients, in which the company has supported GP’s to ‘move to online and video consultations in Lancashire and Cumbria, London and the Southeast, Norfolk, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and Greater Manchester’.

Additionally, the team has been delivering the national rollout of video group clinics in England and Wales – a programme which brings multiple organisations together in online meetings. 

Developing a platform where patients can manage their health issues including booking appointments, setting medication reminders, and ordering prescriptions, Redmoor also rolled out a the “MyGP App” across all general practices in the Lancashire and South Cumbria region, which has been ‘hugely successful with 85% of practices already offering online consultation via the app in just 20 months’. 

The entry stated: “At Redmoor Health, we live our mission. We know it can be hard to find the time to use technology, but we support organisations throughout their digital journey from start to success. Whether it is through designing, training, and helping organisations to use and embed technology or showcasing the great work they are doing and helping our clients learn from the experiences we have been part of elsewhere. We provide support for as long as our clients need us.” 


For our next entry into the SME of the Year category, we zoom in on CareLineLive for their cloud-based all-in-one home care management software, which ‘improves efficiency, capacity and compliance in home care agencies by digitising workflows and automating processes such as rostering and payroll’ within care home agencies.  

The home care management system also helps ‘manage and improve communications within the ‘circle of care’,’ which are those who are directly or indirectly involved with the care of a vulnerable person, ‘so that clients of these agencies receive better care.’  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CareLineLive has addressed the ‘real-time communication needs’ of agency staff working remotely, as well as the ‘onus on carers and agency managers to provide detailed up-to-date information to family of their loved ones’, through adding new features to the system which has ‘widened the Circle of Care’ to external stakeholders – such as community health professionals and the emergency services. 

On the virtues of the CareLineLive system, Adam Baki, Operations Director, Delta Care, commented: “In the short time that we’ve been working with CareLineLive, we have already started to see the huge benefits that the technology is having across the business. From carers and home care managers to families and the patients in our care, going digital has enabled increased communication and efficiency across our six sites.”

Eva Health

Our fourth entry into the SME of the Year category is from Eva Health for their development of a point-of-care vaccination platform, eVacc, which supports PCNs (Primary Care Networks) to deliver vaccinations ‘across settings’ during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

In December 2020, Eva Health addressed NHS Digital’s need for a point-of-care vaccination solution (to provide an additional option than the incumbent system), providing a ‘fully assured solution, tested to take the full vaccination load of England without crashing’ for the NHS to use in less than 6 months.  

Eva Health’s achievements, which contribute to an ‘impressive speed-of-scale’, include:  

  • Over 50 PCNs use eVacc and have onboarded in less than 6 months 
  • Closing in on 1 million vaccinations 
  • 3000+ registered users onboarded and using the platform 
  • 700+ GP Practices receiving data from Eva system 
  • 500,000+ patient records stored 
  • 10% estimated daily max share of jabs delivered in our segment 

The entry statement said: “Aside from some awesome numbers, we are perhaps most proud of being able to support the delivery of healthcare services in new, more flexible ways. Owing to our internet-first and multi-device design, eVacc was able to support vaccine delivery across a range of care settings and pop-up locations – from GP surgeries and care homes, to mosques, gyms, nightclubs and even a bus!”

Locum’s Nest

Our final entry into the SME of the year category is from Locum’s Nest and North Central London Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (NCL STP) for their establishment of a cloud-based, medics collaborative staff bank solution, across 10 acute, mental health and specialist London NHS Trusts. 

Recognising the need for improved collaboration between healthcare organisations, NCL STP ‘instilled’ a collaborative workforce vision to ‘increase staff capacity, as well as to ‘reduce admin time, tackle the waiting list and ultimately improve patient care.’  

Additionally, the digital solution provided by the two organisations offers ‘an extra layer of cascade for bank shifts,’ where ‘if an individual Trust is unable to fill a shift with their own bank staff, they can cascade this to the shared collaborative bank (via the cloud) and book clinicians from other Trusts’ bank pool’ within minutes.  

The entry statement said: “By applying the principle of transparency, we’ve enabled the 40,000+ healthcare professionals using our mobile app to browse through vacant shifts outside their organisations. The visibility of available shifts offers more flexible working options to a huge pool of London’s healthcare professionals. This is key at a time where levels of medical burnout, and the repercussions of unhappy staff, are at their highest. 

 “Through embracing the non-rigid, flexible working nature of a collaborative staff bank, NCL have empowered their clinicians to take back control of their work-life balance and overcome the waitlist backlog without piling pressure on their workload. In doing so, the Trusts can reassure and retain their staff, putting an end to the threat of increased resignations.”