Alder Hey Academy builds links with China to develop paediatric healthcare through international training programme

Alder Hey has teamed up with the Beijing Huatong Guokang Foundation (BHGF) to create a training programme to develop senior doctors and nurses from China.

The first group of doctors joined the hospital this month to embark on a 12-week training programme, which will include learning about the patient journey from diagnosis through to pre-operative assessment, treatment, in-patient management and follow up.

The doctors will also take part in observations, teaching, participation in clinical multi-disciplinary team meetings and attend lectures.

The training programme is run by the Alder Hey Academy housed in the Institute in the Park.

Head of Academy Catherine Kilcoyne said: “Liverpool has historic links with China, a large Chinese community and was twinned with Shanghai in 1999.

“This training programme is the beginning of a partnership between Alder Hey and the BHGF, which will include cultural collaboration between the two countries and help China to develop their healthcare system to meet the demands of a growing youth population.”

She added: “At Alder Hey we have expertise in training and consultancy for hospital building design, clinical healthcare systems, education, research and innovation. We offer advice and practical help with the planning and development of health care services across the world.

“This training programme is part of our strategy to be the centre of excellence for training in paediatric care both in the UK and internationally.”

The training programme will run in connection with China over the next three years.

The Academy team work with clinicians to ensure that the content of all the training programmes successfully reflects the very latest thinking and innovative approaches to paediatric treatment and care.

BHGF Chairman Chen Ran said: “This programme is highly significant.

“Chinese doctors and nurses who participate will have an opportunity to see how their counterparts in Alder Hey care for and treat children in their specialist field.

“They will implement the shared learning they have acquired during the programme into their daily work when they return to China. There will be a lifelong positive impact from this three-month experience.”

She added: “As a public foundation, Beijing Huatong Guokang Foundation (BHGF) is happy to be a bridge for the exchange and cooperation between China and UK for children’s healthcare.”