Peer-to-peer programme set to develop system leaders in SE London

Peer-to-peer programme set to develop system leaders in South East London

In South East London, the ‘Walking in Their Shoes’ programme focuses on facilitating peer-to-peer exchange, building trusted connections and developing system leaders across the ICS.

Open to anyone working in an organisation contributing to health and care in the SE London region, the programme represents a “uniquely flexible learning opportunity, to connect with a like-minded peer from another sector or profession experiencing a common challenge from a different perspective”.

A matching process will pair up participants with someone from a different sector or profession, based on shared interests, before the pair commit to spending at least one day “walking in one another’s shoes” over a period of 6 months.

To date, the programme has featured exchange activities including job shadowing, paired conversations, and attending events together. These activities are intended to help give participants the opportunity to reflect on “what it means to be a system leader”, as well as to enhance their understanding of different organisations, sectors, challenges, and governance.

Participants will have the opportunity to share learnings and experiences via the Connect community website at the end of the programme.

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In related news from the region, SE London ICS also recently published its People Strategy, which sets out the ICS’s vision of a skilled and supported ‘one workforce’ that feels “empowered and encouraged to collaborate” across partnerships.