DoseCare acquires Biodose monitored dosage system

DoseCare has acquired Biodose, the monitored dosage system (MDS) that accommodates liquid and solid medication.

Biodose, an innovative medication management solution, is used extensively in the pharmacy and care home sectors to manage complex medication regimes, increase efficiency and improve patient safety.  

Biodose is the only system that allows the pre-measured, personalised dosage of tablets, capsules and liquids.  Medication is stored in individual tamper-evident sealed units, pods, that include important information including patient name, description of medicines contained inside, as well as a date and time that the medication should be taken.  This unique system is a superior safeguard against medication error, improving patient safety.

Donna Williams from DoseCare said, “Having worked with Biodose from a pharmacy and care home perspective, the team here understand the immense value that Biodose provides to both these sectors; we feel this acquisition provides a unique opportunity to not only ensure continuity but also drive the future strategy of the most superior MDS solution in the healthcare market.  We look forward to working closely with, and supporting, valued Biodose customers to deliver greater improvements and cost-efficiencies.”

DoseCare is in the process of developing improved software and workflow systems to make prescription management easier, with further announcements expected soon.