East Lancashire Hospitals to roll-out maternity system

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust is to launch a new digital system for parents-to-be to register their pregnancy and access their care notes, this month.

BadgerNet is being introduced as its electronic record to replace the current paper-based records. 

The change means women will be able to self-refer directly into the service, via an online booking form, where they will fill in their details, be assigned to a midwife and an appointment will be generated. This will remove the need for women to get an appointment with a GP before being referred through to the service. An option to telephone into the service is also available.

The trust aims for all expectant parents to be using the Badger Notes portal and app by June 2022.

Caroline Cowman, Deputy Head of Midwifery, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We’re delighted to be rolling-out this new portal from November and empowering the families we care for by giving them easy access to their notes.

“The app is easy to use and so we expect that most parents-to-be will enjoy the benefits almost straightaway. We feel that this portal allows us to enhance our person-centered approach, putting families at the heart of their maternity care throughout the pregnancy and post-natal journey.

“We’re committed to continually making improvements to our services to benefit the families we care for, and the staff caring for them. The new BadgerNet system, and the Badger Notes portal, is a fantastic example of that.”