New Broadmoor Hospital opens to patients

The new Broadmoor Hospital is open, more than 150 years after the original, world-renowned hospital was founded.

The Broadmoor hospital is one of three high security hospitals in England.

Patients and staff have moved into the new, state-of-the-art facility which replaces the old hospital, most of whose buildings pre-date the foundation of the NHS.

Located in the existing grounds, the new hospital has been purpose built to provide a safe, therapeutic environment for the care, treatment and rehabilitation of patients who need psychiatric care in a high-secure setting.

Carolyn Regan, Chief Executive of West London NHS Trust, says “The new hospital epitomises the ethos of hope and recovery at Broadmoor.”

“With its focus on the use of space and natural light, the hospital has been designed to reflect this ethos, but it is, above all, the people who make the difference. The expertise, compassion and calm professionalism of the staff at Broadmoor are fundamental to the way in which they care for and work with patients towards their rehabilitation and recovery.”

“The new hospital enables us to provide this care in an environment fit for the 21stCentury over the coming years.”