UK health and care workforce given free open access to COVID-19 e-learning programme

HEE has developed an e-learning programme in response to COVID-19.

The pandemic has spurred the creation of the programme which will be given to all those working in the NHS, the independent sector and social care.

Including in the programme are key materials to help workers respond to coronavirus.

HEE say “the programme currently includes limited resources, but we will add more content in the coming days and weeks.”

“The additional content will include new sessions and content curated from different sources.”

These sources include “exsiting HEE e-LfH sessions and materials from other organisations such as NHS England, NHS Improvement or the WHO.”

HEE state that the following content within the programme is currently available:

  • Essential Guidance from the NHS, Government and WHO
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Critical Care Resources
  • RCGP learning
  • Invasive Ventilation
  • Intensive Care Medicine
  • Induction of International and Returning GPs
  • Statutory and Mandatory Training

Patrick Mitchell, Director of Innovation and Transformation, Health Education England said:

“HEE e-LfH has removed the requirement to log in to access the Coronavirus (COVID-19) programme to make it as easy as possible for the health and care workforce to access the learning resources.” 

“However, be aware that accessing the content without logging in means that your learning activity won’t be tracked and you won’t create a learning record.” 

“If you wish to have a learning record to demonstrate your compliance you will need to have an e-LfH account and be logged in. You can register for an e-LfH account using any email address.”