Universities working with HEE to identify students willing to work in the NHS

Due to the demand on NHS services, HEE is working with universities to recruit students willing to work.

Mark Radford, Chief Nurse, Health Education England, & Deputy Chief Nursing Officer of England, has contacted nursing course providing universities.

The targeted universities provide undergraduate and postgraduate courses in nursing and have been asked to provide status on their nursing students.

The idea is that all those students willing can use their expertise to bolster the frontline NHS workforce.

HEE has created a tool to enable universities to efficiently submit the required data.

In partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement, HEE after receiving the data, will match eligible students to employers.

The partnership will then provide oversight of student deployment and logistics involved for a smooth process to occur.

Mark Radford, Chief Nurse at Health Education England & Deputy Chief Nurse of England, said:

“It is vital at this time of unprecedented demand on our NHS that we utilise the skills and expertise of our nursing students where we can do safely and effectively.”

“At this moment third year undergraduates, and other students at the later stages of their training, are being prioritised.”

“National guidance for all students is being prepared which will reflect this process and give them the information they need.”

HEE is asking nursing students to wait until they are contacted by their university – most likely by email – and to then to provide the information needed to register their interest.

HEE is also supporting the “Your NHS Needs You” campaign asking former registrants to consider returning to support health and care services.