Government launches open consultation on reducing bureaucracy

The Department of Health and Social Care has launched an open consultation focused on reducing bureaucracy in the system.

The consultation seeks to understand and review your experience of bureaucracy, and how the positives when bureaucracy was reduced during the pandemic can be maintained. It aims to review how to embed the positive changes that have occurred and encourage innovation.

It is open to anyone working in health or social care, or those who have recently left, to share their insights and experiences of overly burdensome or dysfunctional bureaucracy in the health and social care system in clinical and non-clinical roles.

The questionnaire seeks examples of unnecessary bureaucracy for example tasks or processes which are duplicative or require a large amount of work but which appear to add little value.

It states “this could include having to fill in a very similar online form for multiple providers on different digital interfaces.”

“It could also include a process or behaviour which hinders you from trying out new, innovative ways of working which would could have a positive impact on patient safety, quality of care or patient experience. For instance, burdensome clearance processes across numerous teams or organisations.”

The deadline is 13th September 2020, find out more here.