Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent ICB gives go-ahead for public consultation on inpatient mental health services

Since 2019, Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent ICB has been exploring proposals for a long-term solution for services previously provided by the George Bryan Centre in Tamworth, along with the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and other partners.

The George Bryan Centre was an inpatient setting providing assessments, care and treatments for adults in an acute state of mental illness. It was destroyed by a fire in February 2019.

Reviews of clinical data, clinical models, travel and equality analysis and stakeholder involvement activity have been conducted to identify a solution and a business case has been developed.

The business case sets forth a proposal which would see patients needing inpatient treatment admitted to St George’s Hospital in Stafford, whilst treatment at home with continue where possible with the support of enhanced community mental health services.

No decision has yet been made, and the ICB has given its approval for a six-week public consultation to start on or before 9 February. Patients, their families and anyone else with an interest in these services are encouraged to provide feedback.

The consultation will aim to build on previous engagement activity and to identify the long-term solution for inpatient mental health services in the area; to understand if there is any new or additional information to take into consideration; to ensure that everyone who wants to participate is able to; to understand any positive or negative impacts that must be taken into account if the proposal goes ahead; and to understand if there are any alternate suggestions not already considered.