App launched to support NHS and social care staff vaccination programmes

Inform Health has launched a new system to automate the administration process for NHS and social care staff vaccination programmes.

The system was implemented with the intention of reducing administration resources for Trusts, ensuring that staff are able to continue providing high standards of care to a growing number of Covid patients.

The company developed the app by reconfiguring their health information system, which had previously been utilised by NHS sexual health services across the UK.

To begin the process, members of staff must go online and update their contact information. From here, they will then be divided into “priority cohorts” and receive an invite via SMS once it is their turn to book an appointment for their first dose. Afterwards, clinical staff record the national vaccination data set to confirm that the patient is ready for the next jab. 

Should the patient fail to book their second appointment, repeated automated reminders will be sent before administrative personnel are alerted of a potential diversion from the immunisation pathway.

Sue Bunn, co-founder of Inform Health, said: “As a committed technology partner to multiple NHS Trusts and with a ten-year track record of delivering innovative technology solutions to sexual health, HIV and SARC services, we felt duty bound to support our customers in any way we could. 

“At the onset of the pandemic, we worked around the clock to rapidly develop systems that would better manage Covid-19 staff testing programmes – systems that have saved NUH NHS Trust 180,000 staff hours between April and December alone. And now we’re proud to offer our NHS customers an off the shelf system that will automate the complex administration processes and deliver substantial savings in time and resource for staff immunisation programmes too.”