20 million people have now received the first COVID vaccination

As of Saturday 27 February 2021, the total number of people who have received the first dosage of any of the COVID vaccinations had exceeded 20 million.

20,089,551 people have now received the first dose, up from 17,582,132, 7 days ago. 

In the past seven days 180,984 people have received the second dose, which is significantly above the rate of 105,000 per week previously set. The total now to have received this second vaccination is 796,132.

Seven days ago 2,469 people needed ventilation support, the lowest of 2021; however, at the moment there are 1,971 patients who need this type of support in hospital. 

The Government has also today announced an increase in testing for families with school children, aiming for two rapid COVID-19 tests per person, per week.

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said: “Regular testing of households and childcare support bubbles of primary and secondary school children is another tool we are making available to help keep schools safe. We know that one in three people with COVID-19 don’t have any symptoms, so targeted, regular testing will mean more positive cases are kept out of schools and colleges.

“As we continue to roll out the vaccine, testing offers us a way forward. Sustained and repeated testing for people without symptoms has a critical role to play as sections of society are reopened by driving down transmission rates.

“By everyone playing their part and getting tested regularly, vital public services, workplaces and educational settings can stay open and running, and we can move closer to a more normal way of life.”

To keep up to date on the latest COVID-19 vaccination data, visit the government dashboard here.

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