Free personalised mental health service launched for NHS employees

MYNDUP, a mental health startup, has launched a free service for NHS staff.

The MYNDUP x NHS platform offers one-to-one video sessions across the mental health spectrum, including:

  • therapy
  • counselling
  • life coaching
  • meditation.

Designed to support healthcare workers, who have been under additional strain since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, MYNDUP’s offering has been funded for a national roll-out by the charitable foundation of private equity firm CVC.

MYNDUP’s service is also able to personalise its system to suit individuals by assessing the mental health needs of each user and then pairing them with an expert. The network includes over 250 practitioners, who are vetted by other professionals before approval.

Founded in February 2020, the creation of the company was inspired by the founder and CEO Joel Gujral’s own mental health struggles and difficulty finding tailored support.

Joel said of the service: “At MYNDUP, we want to help everyone to be happy and fulfilled by developing a better relationship with their past, present and future – having access to a personalised service that covers the whole mental health spectrum is key to this.

“We’re all aware of the incredible work NHS staff have done and continue to do on a daily basis. Working on the front lines is hugely stressful and there’s an inevitable impact on mental wellbeing. We’re here to make sure employees have access to a wide range of personalised support and people to talk to, regardless of the nature and severity of their issue. Thanks to the support received from CVC, we’ve been able to make this happen.”

Find out more about MYNDUP X NHS by visiting the website.