Nottinghamshire NHS trust launches new recruitment portal

A new recruitment website has been released by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

The site is aimed at people who are looking for a career in mental health and general health services.

Clare Teeney, Executive Director of People and Culture at the trust, said: “I am really excited that we are launching our recruitment microsite today – our one-stop shop for all vacancies and career opportunities. Internal and external candidates will be able to find all the information they need to support their application.

“It will also provide tips and advice to enhance the recruitment experience. If you are applying for a job, looking for a job and/or want to explore career opportunities, a great range of information can be found on the site. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making this a reality for us.”

The new recruitment website offers career advice from healthworkers and has vacancies for internal and external candidates.

Alongside the new recruitment website, a new hospital based in Mansfield, Sherwood Oaks, will open later this year. It will be aimed at people with mental health needs – providing potential job opportunities for those who work in the sector.

Julie Attfield, Executive Director of Local Mental Health Services, said: “We are so excited about the new facility at Sherwood Oaks and are looking for people to join us in making this a leading centre for the care and treatment of people with mental health needs.

“We are offering some great opportunities in a variety of clinical and non-clinical roles, so please visit our new recruitment site to find out how you can join our team and a really exciting future.”

The new recruitment website can be found at