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Royal Free London announces new clinical research facility

The Royal Free Hospital based in the Hampstead area of London has opened a new Clinical Research Facility (CRF) to improve patient care and diagnosis.

Funding for the project has been helped by the Royal Free Charity which aims to support the Royal Free hospital across its three current sites.

The CRF will focus on a few areas; the advancement of renal disease, liver disease, respiratory conditions, neurological conditions including Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer treatment and diagnosis. 

Opening the new facility will also coincide with landmark medical trials taking place in the spring and continuing into the summer, this includes the ongoing trial of the Novavax COVID-19 trials, and more than 600 participants from the Royal Free London were recruited to take part in the trial.

Professor Derralynn Hughes explained: “In order for the exciting research that goes on in the lab to actually reach our patients, we need to create an environment for early stage clinical research. Opening the CRF does exactly that, with a facility that is welcoming, efficient and well-governed.”

Additionally, the UCL Institute for Immunity and Transplantation will be soon relocated to the new £60 million Pears Building on the Royal Free Hospital campus.