Nuffield Trust highlights relationship between deprivation and rate of hip replacement surgery

The independent health think tank, the Nuffield Trust, has published analysis into the relationship between deprivation and the rate of hip replacement operations.

In its analysis using Hospital Episode Statistics data (2019/20) it found the most deprived decile had the lowest surgery rate, with 163 hip replacements per 100,000 population.

The highest surgery rate was found in decile 9, with 217 hip replacements per 100,000 population.

Over a ten year period from 2008, the rate of hip replacements in the most deprived decile decreased, whereas the numbers increased in the least deprived decile.

NHS Digital has also recently published data following a patient satisfaction survey into the effectiveness of hip replacements, asking patients: “Overall, how are the problems now compared to before your operation?”

The results from NHS Digital highlight a success rate of 86.8%, who said they felt much better than before their operation, and 8.2% feeling a little better.

To view the Nuffield Trust report please click here.