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NHS Resolution publishes business plan for 2021/22

NHS Resolution has published its business plan for 2021 – 2022, including financial and delivery plans, as it enters the final year of a fve-year strategy.

In a foreward in the document, the Chief Executive, Helen Vernon commented on the past 18 months for the organisation, highlighting its move to a physical office in Canary Wharf and expanding its base in Leeds. The growing organisation has stated that remote working is also likely to become the norm for its staff.

NHS Resolution recently took over the responsibility for the delivery of indemnity arrangements for general practice, including the administration of historic liabilities previously indemnified by two medical defence organisations; the Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland and the Medical Protection Society. It has also recently reviewed the operating model for claims management services in order to be more efficient and provide increased value.

In the business plan, NHS Resolution sets out six key priorities for the next year:

  1. To continue to move claims and concerns into a neutral and less adversarial space and reduce associated costs
  2. Further develop the new indemnity schemes (for general practice and COVID-19) including how healthcare-related claims are managed
  3. Build on sharing learning from claims and concerns back to the health system
  4. Respond to the changing health landscape including reviewing the indemnity scheme pricing and the role of incentives in light
    of wider system changes
  5. Develop and support people through a period of significant change
  6. Make a step change in technology and data analytics capabilities and infrastructure.

The business plan also focuses on resolution, aiming to keep claimants and healthcare staff out of court. It will also focus on intelligence and intervention, to continuously improve its new indemnity schemes for general practice and support the health service’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organisation is also planning its new five-year strategy for 2022 onwards.

To view the business plan, please click here.