NHS Resolution publishes ‘early look’ 2022-25 strategy

NHS Resolution revealed an insight into its future strategy last week, publishing an ‘early look’ at four intended strategic priorities.

The organisation is set to introduce the new three-year strategy up to 2025, to build on ‘successes’ and to ‘reflect the environment’ of health and care now.

Of the priorities that are subject to final approval, NHS Resolution notes:

Delivering fair resolution

Our Advice, Appeals and Claims Management services will focus on achieving fair and timely dispute resolution, keeping patients and healthcare staff out of formal processes, where possible, so as to minimise distress and cost.

Sharing data and insights as a catalyst for improvement

Ensuring that our unique datasets help derive usable insights that benefit patients and the healthcare system.

Collaborating to improve maternity outcomes

We will build on our reputation as a trusted partner in the maternity healthcare system, bringing together key parties to see what more can be done to improve maternity outcomes.

Investing in our people to transform our business.

The NHS is about to undergo a major restructuring while continuing to respond to/recover from the pandemic. We plan to evolve alongside it and have initiated change programmes to invest in our services, systems and people including development of our claims management service and upgrading our core IT systems.

In June 2021, LH News reported on the publication of NHS Resolution’s business plan, covering its key priorities for 2021 – 2022.