New voice-based covid research study seeks public input

The Government has released a call asking for volunteers to join a new study that will help develop research into COVID-19.

The aim of the new study is to find out how algorithms and voice data can be used to detect COVID-19, following participants capturing their breathing and through a forced cough using the technology.

To take part in the survey, anyone who is over 18 is eligible, they must have access to a smartphone, and have taken a COVID-19 test in the past 72 hours before they submit their sample.  

Participants will be asked to submit a voice sample of them coughing, reading out a defined sentence and breathing sounds in the app, anticipated to take 5-10 minutes.   

With the study asking for a forced cough, participants are urged to submit their sample alone and not in a room with other people, to stop the probability of the virus spreading.  

The research has been conducted in partnership with National Statistician’s Data Ethics Advisory Committee and Nottingham NHS Research Ethics Committee and have formally approved the study.

For more information on the study click here.