Norfolk and Waveney ICS seeks public engagement on Integrated Care Strategy

Norfolk and Waveney health and care services have worked collaboratively in order to develop a five-year Integrated Care Strategy, starting in 2023.

Built on information gathered over the last four years, their initiative is focused predominantly on the evolving needs of the community; what matters to them; and how they want health and care services to develop.

Norfolk and Waveney have outlined the plan’s four key principles as:

  • Driving integration – collaborating in the delivery of people-centred care to make sure services are joined-up and consistent
  • Prioritising prevention – a shared commitment to supporting people to be healthy, independent, and resilient throughout life, along with offering help early to prevent and reduce demand for specialist services
  • Addressing inequalities – providing support for the most vulnerable, using resources and assets to address wider factors that impact on health and wellbeing
  • Enabling resilient communities – supporting people to remain independent through promotion of self-care, early prevention, and digital technology

The five-year plan will set out in more detail how NHS and care services will implement Norfolk and Waveney’s the strategy, as well as how they will address more immediate priorities such as improved emergency and urgent care, mental health services, reduced wait times for specialist treatment, as well as improving their financial position.

The ICS has launched an engagement exercise to give local communities, partner organisations and healthcare staff the opportunity to have their say during the early stages of this process – establishing what is important and whether opinions have changed since COVID-19.

The plan will be finalised by the end of March 2023, with further information to be made available during a series of online events in January 2023 and via their respective networks.