New orthopaedic elective care centre to open in 2022

A new orthopaedic elective care centre has been announced by Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS FT.

The project will receive £11m in funding to develop the new centre, aiming to increase surgical capacity in the region. The new Norfolk and Norwich Orthopaedic Centre will care for patients who need ankle, foot, hip, knee or shoulder operations.  

Sam Higginson, NNUH Chief Executive, added: “Creating a standalone orthopaedic centre will provide a safe, effective, integrated and efficient service which will improve patient experience and provides a solution that is operationally and financially efficient to NNUH and the wider system. This is in line with best practice prescribed by the NHS and other bodies as the most effective way to tackling long waiting lists.” 

The new centre will comprise of a 21-bed ward, with two new laminar flow theatres and will relocate and repurpose the existing Aylsham Suite, to create a standalone facility.  

The N&N Hospitals Charity has pledged £2m in funding for equipment at the centre, making it the largest ever charitable grant received by the trust.  

Tim Leary, Chief of Surgery, added: “This is an extremely exciting development, which will increase our elective bed base and reduce waiting times through a dedicated and specialised orthopaedic facility. Trust pressures have resulted in the cancellation of orthopaedic procedures in the past and this new centre will mean that we can reduce cancellations and continue elective work throughout winter and pandemic pressures. We will be implementing a full elective care recruitment strategy to get the new centre operational as soon as possible.” 

N&N Hospitals Charity has raised £1m so far and is looking to raise the next £1m through their JustGiving page. 

Artist impressions of the new centre are now available online.